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Why we do what we do

The way how recruiters live, work and choose qualified people has changed, but the applicants have not adapted to it. Impersonal and meaningless cover letters are not given any attention anymore. The question "How can I get attention of my dream company?" brought TobJop the vision for a Premium Job Application.

"Don't get tired, but get hired!"

Two factors are responsible for the success of each company: an efficient marketing software and the people who use it: the employees. Those successful companies employ people who are ambitious, motivated and talented. With a Premium Job Application it's ensured that recruiters get a first impression where applicants can prove their skills more reliably and convey a familiar picture of themselves.

TobJop offers a website based system, created to change the way how people apply. An application that is relevant, helpful and individually tailored to the recruiter.

Franziska Niehus Founder of TobJop, inc.